Twas a Wild Week in Texas Politics

Twas a Wild Week in Texas Politics
By Chuck Meyer, with apologies to Clement C. Moore
Twas a wild week in Texas politics,
For a seat in the US House,
When too many candidates went a scurrying,
Not a one of them a mouse.
For a place on the ballot they scampered,
They sought out each county chair,
In their heads were glorious visions
That the voters would soon care.
What caused all this ruckus, you ask?
Well, mainly a very determined elf,
Of the impish kind —
Not some Elf on the Shelf.
You see, at the last moment
The elf jumped off the House boat, reducing the crew from four,
Into a murky political morass,
Knocking loudly on the Senate ship’s door.
Back on the House boat,
Cruising ahead were the remaining three,
When like a flash they were boarded
By nine swashbucklers from the political sea.
Said one of the original crew —
One with lotsa pluck,
“Bring it on boys, but let’s fight after Christmas”
Yep, that was what was said by Chuck!
“This is not the political season now
It is a time for faith, for family, for prayer, for peace.
Let’s put away our muskets.
Our political bickering, for now at least, must cease”
So with that wish for the holidays
Chuck hopes for a pause in the fight
As he is heard to wish every voter in CD 36,
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Good Night.
Copyright 2013 Chuck Meyer.  Reproduction and republication is permitted with attribution, but no modification to the content is permitted without approval.  Approval may be obtained by contacting the Committee to Elect Chuck Meyer, (281) 296-1681 or  All other rights reserved.

About Chuck Meyer, a reform-minded Republican Primary Candidate for the US House of Representatives, TX 36th CD

Reform-minded Candidate for the Republican Nomination, US House of Representatives, 36th CD Texas Former BlackBerry Executive; Oxford Law Graduate; Former UH Law Visiting Professor; Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator;Patent Lawyer, Entrepreneur; Father of three daughters.
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